What is Liveball® tennis?

Santa Monica Tennis Centre: "Liveball is an extended version of doubles "King of the Court". The non-stop action leaves little time to think, and makes you focus on hitting the ball.  This format is great for players of all levels because it helps accelerate the learning process.  However, the more advanced the group the more challenging and dynamic the experience becomes. It is a win/win situation for all levels. This unparalleled action packed tennis workout will have you running, sweating, and smiling within minutes.  After only a few classes you will find it much easier to run down that drop shot, chase after that lob, keep up in that long rally, and feel like you can stay on the court for hours."

LA Tennis Centre: "Liveball – a doubles-style game in which pairs advance compete to gain and maintain control of a “champion” side. The challenging team must win four points before the champion team wins two in order to move to the champion side. Each challenge starts with a fed ball and a designated shot, followed by plenty of fast-paced doubles action. LiveBall is a 1.5 hour continuous doubles point. It is fast paced, fun, competitive, amazing doubles training, and a phenomenal cardio-work out. Warning: it can quickly become addictive!"

Tennis magazine: "LiveBall. It’s been described as tennis crossed with aerobics, but really, it’s much more than that. Live Ball is the tennis equivalent to a video game; a unique on-court experience made for the Xbox generation. LiveBall is the tennis workout that tries to check all the boxes: Fitness. Fun. Action. Camaraderie. It’s an approach to tennis where instruction takes a back seat to fitness, where servers and returners are replaced by champions and challengers, where hushed tones and handshakes are trumped by trash talk and fist-bumps."

Wall St Journal:  "The fast-paced doubles game began about 20 years ago, when Tennis Channel founder Steve Bellamy noticed people were leaving tennis courts for yoga classes and spin studios and developed an edgier, high-energy game. “It’s like a doubles-style King of the Court,” says Nick Petrou, manager of the Palisades Tennis Center in Pacific Palisades, Calif…..In regular tennis, Mr. Petrou says, the serve buys players recovery time. In Live Ball, an instructor or tennis pro feeds the ball, quickening the pace. “Live Ball is nonstop movement,” he says. “If you lose a point, you don’t walk back to the baseline to berate yourself. The next ball is already in play.”